Sign gantries

Supporting systems for safe traffic management

As supporting systems for directional signs or variable message signs we offer you two kinds of sign gantries: standard steel gantries or gantries in pre-stressed spun concrete. Mobile auxiliary systems offer an optional additional benefit for safe traffic management. For this we offer you our support not just as a manufacturer but also as a turnkey partner. Thanks to our longstanding project experience we are your reliable partner for all necessary services, from planning to foundation work through to installation including signage. Depending on requirements this means that we can offer you the most economic solution.

Steel sign gantries

Thanks to our state-of-the-art machine pool we are capable of manufacturing the hollow box profiles for the complete sign gantry and all attachments at our own facilities according to the structural and design requirements specified by the applicable standards and specifications. All components are hot-dip galvanised as standard. The additional corrosion protection will be done according to your specifications using cutting-edge technologies.

Sign gantries in concrete

If durability is a particular requirement you may want to opt for our alternative design in pre-stressed spun concrete. The extra benefit results from the special structural characteristics. The manufacturing process of the spun concrete technology produces a highly compacted and extremely hard structural element. The pre-stressing prevents the usual cracks opening up in the surface of the concrete. Our sign gantries are therefore extremely corrosion-resistant. This has been confirmed by studies on frost/de-icing salt resistance and our decades of experience with dynamically highly stressed components. Due to the higher intrinsic weight and the pre-stressing step, our concrete sign gantries are much less susceptible to vibrations than the steel models. Sensitive attachments like cameras and variable message signs are therefore protected and last longer.


In addition to our gantries, steel or hybrid design cantilever systems complete the range.

Mobile systems

Mobile auxiliary systems create optional added value for safe traffic management. They represent the ideal solution wherever roads have to be monitored or signs have to be adapted. They enable cameras and signs to be mounted easily and conveniently, as the systems can be lowered very quickly. Their modular design means that the systems can be readily integrated into existing infrastructure if required.

Sign gantries