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Print technology

With Europoles print technology, you can design your objects according to your own expectations - imaginative, original, permanent. A few examples for deceptively realistic effects:

  • Wood structures on concrete bases
  • Exotic zebra patterns on synthetic surfaces

  • Luxurious marble patterns or wood, instead of zinc-plated light poles

  • Stainless steel as garden fences.


The object is provided with a polyester powder coat, which we burn on at 200 °C. The desired design is on a decal, which is placed in position onto the object. We then use a vacuum pump to remove the air and any wrinkles. A further burning step separates the design from the decal, and the new look penetrates permanently into the powder coat.


For temperature-sensitive materials such as wood or plastic, we apply the water-transfer printing technique. This involves placing the printed decal into a tub of water and spraying it with an activator that dissolves the decal backing. Only the design floats now on the water. Then we immerse the object into this layer. The new design is distributed onto the object surface, and the following coating provides the new design with permanent protection.


Print technology from Europoles: what you can imagine, we can implement.

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Torsten Rehfeldt
Torsten Rehfeldt