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Powder coating

Structural-steel elements, furniture, lighting products, heating modules, and household appliances: with Europoles powder coating, steel and aluminum finishes attain superior quality.


The benefits of Europoles powder coating at a glance:

  • Effective resistance to mechanical forces, weather, and corrosion

  • Attractiveness - thanks to constant color shading, an extensive color spectrum, and special-effect finishes

  • Optimal coatings, also at difficult points
  • Options for special features: such as suitability for use with foods and beverages, self-cleaning, and anti-graffiti effects

  • Fast availability for delivery as a result of fast drying.


The powder coating is sprayed on the substrate, the particles are electrostatically charged, and they are then magnetically attracted by the coated object. We next heat the object to 200 °C. The powder melts and bonds to form a highly resistant, homogeneous surface. The thickness of the coating is between 60 and 500 µm, depending on requirements.


We re-use the surplus powder (overspray). As a result, Europoles powder coating is extremely environmentally friendly.

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Torsten Rehfeldt
Torsten Rehfeldt