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DCC coating

DCC coating is the newest, especially developed generation of triple-component wet coatings. Our DCC coatings produce brilliant and rock-hard surfaced on virtually any substrate.


The utmost of resistance against chemical and mechanical influences as well as ultraviolet effects: the DCC process offers optimal corrosion protection for traffic-signal poles, light poles, HVAC systems, factory buildings, steel structures, and construction machines. This technology is used wherever great optical and haptic demands are placed on materials.


After special pre-treatment, two individual components are combined in a computer-controlled mixing system. Spray application takes place at an electrostatic paint station. The coated object is dry within three to four hours, without additional heat - and is ready for consignment.


Such DCC coating still offers top protective functions, even after years. Repair intervals for coated objects are reduced by up to 50 %. You save money and enable an attractive urban environment.


The color-mixing system of our DCC coating equipment enables an infinite variety of colors. Fast drying and short process times enable fast execution of contracts and short turnaround for delivery. With a turn of the hand we fulfill your wishes.

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Torsten Rehfeldt
Torsten Rehfeldt