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Anti-poster coating


Optically clean: our anti-poster coating protects your poles and masts from undesired posters, advertisings, and stickers.


The Europoles Anti-Poster System is a transparent liquid coating system based on polyurethane acrylate. The surface in the color sand optic is uniformly rough. Posters and stickers do not adhere to this surface. Thanks to the transparent coating, the finish causes no optical impairment whatsoever. Now as before, you enjoy absolute freedom of design. Existing poles and masts can be coated onsite without difficulty.


Europoles is the only company to offer this on-site service: we apply anti-poster coating directly to the objects where they stand. There is no need for disassembly or transport of the poles and masts - and you save time and money.


Place your trust in the long years of experience and the expertise of Europoles. Our anti-poster effects offer you many years of protection for your products - and an enormous optical gain for your community.


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Torsten Rehfeldt
Torsten Rehfeldt