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Floodlight systems by Europoles light up seaports and interior harbors at night and thereby assure smooth cargo handling. The slender design of our floodlight masts saves space at ports - for more storage area and freedom of movement for cranes and loading equipment. In addition, they can be outfitted with anti-collision protection. Floodlight masts made of spun concrete are especially well suited for seaports. Their highly compacted surfaces make them resistant to the salt content of aggressive sea air - which extends their service lives. Minimal maintenance costs additionally keep their life-cycle costs low.


With respect to dimensions and performance requirements, we are subject to virtually no limits. In accordance with your specifications, we manufacture floodlight masts made of steel and prestressed spun concrete, with variable mast details and with heights up to 60 m. From lowerable platform systems to tiltable masts - innovative product diversity and flexibility maximize your design leeway.


It is especially important in busy international seaports to integrate as smoothly as possible any construction measures into the complex activities there. Place your confidence in our long years of experience and competence, and profit from budget security. We control and implement all project stages, including award of contracts to lighting designers and other subcontractors. This reduces interfaces and assures rapid sequences of construction. On the basis of long years of experience, we select a cost-effective foundation solution and erect our systems even under the most difficult of conditions. In addition, we can equip your floodlight masts with a lowerable system if you wish.

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