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Light poles

Take advantage of our great range of offerings in shapes, colors, and surface characteristics. We supply poles for post-top lighting, poles with circular curved brackets, and poles with angle brackets, in conical or stepped form - as well as accessories of all kinds. They all offer attractive possibilities - so take advantage of this freedom of design possibilities. All our light poles of course conform to DIN EN 40-4 and CE stipulations.


On our way to you, we take advantage of how we have learned to make highly effective use of the wholesale supply network - as well as short-term, small-volume logistics. To put your mind at ease, we provide you with an in-region, full-coverage distribution network and the fast implementation of special solutions on the basis of our own construction design and structural-engineering competence.

Steel light poles

Minimize your maintenance expenses, and save costs for replacement orders: the reliable quality of our steel light poles guarantees long service life and investment security. Europoles corrosion-resistant poles are vandalism- and soiling-proof. If you so request, we can also provide transparent anti-poster and anti-graffiti coatings (from the very beginning, or retrofitted), for long-term contribution to an attractive urban atmosphere. Steel light poles from Europoles are available in countless colors and patterns that harmoniously match any surroundings.

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Steel light poles -the laserpole

Tops in precision on the basis of the most advanced welding technology - that's our laserpole. This light pole is exceptionally stable, with high-quality craftsmanship. The laser welding procedure minimizes the risk of corrosion. Beginning with the environmentally friendly low-CO2 manufacturing process, the material is gently treated and consequently lasts longer. The flawless design, without protruding welding seams, optimally fits into the surroundings. Profit from perfect Europoles quality: a reliable and resource-preserving investment that will also pay off in the long run.

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Plugpole Kombination Edelstahl-Holz – Neumarkt-Mastenpark – Dekorativer zylindrischen Beleuchtungsmast, Zylindrische Rohre aus den unterschiedlichsten Materialien verbunden mit einem Kunststoffdübel
Plugpole Edelstahl – Konin, Polen - Eingangsbereich Werk Konin – Dekorativer zylindrischen Beleuchtungsmast mit Flanschplatte, Zylindrische Rohre aus den unterschiedlichsten Materialien verbunden mit einem Kunststoffdübel

The plugpole®

Optical uniformity or heavily accented contrast: adapt your poles individually, as you wish, to the surroundings. With the plugpole®, you can simply combine various materials, colors, and surface treatments. With steel, stainless steel, wood, or concrete - Europoles offers virtually limitless possibilities here.


The plugpole® also fulfills the strictest requirements with respect to functionality. Sandblasted concrete stands up to wind and weather. Power coatings allow corrosion no chance. Special anti-graffiti and anti-poster surfaces allow only those things to cling to steel that really belong there. The result is a pole that has proved highly attractive not only with its long-term attractiveness, but also with its low life-cycle costs.

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FRP light poles

Light poles made of fiberglass-reinforced plastics provide a maximum of passive safety for motorists. These completely insulated and non-conductive poles snap off upon vehicle impact, instead of serving as a rigid barrier.


Highly stable, maintenance-free, and cost-effective: FRP light poles are corrosion-resistant to pollutants such as CO2 and roadway salt, and demonstrate great mechanical and dynamic strength. Good vibration-damping properties contribute to a long life cycle of luminaires and fittings. Mechanical damage to the surface can be repaired without difficulty and at low cost.


Our ultraviolet-resistant FRP poles are available in all RAL colors. At your request, we cut the poles to length and fit them with accessories.

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"Leipziger Schwinge" – Neumarkt-Mastenpark – Mehrkantiger Betonmast mit dekorativen 1-fach Stahlausleger
Rote Betonmasten – Ghyvelde, Frankreich – Rot eingefärbte konische Betonmasten mit seitlich 1-fach bzw. 2-fach Stahlausleger
Weißer Betonmast – Sylt – Scharrierter Betonmast mit Bronzeleuchte Fa. Bergmeister, Oberfläche sandgestrahlt

Spun-concrete light poles

These light poles are scratch- and impact-proof, and they are highly resistant to extreme environment effects and vandalism. Light poles made of spun concrete have proven their attractiveness with extraordinarily low life-cycle costs - and are highly convincing in addition to their excellent ecobalance and their environmental friendliness. Their production process allows exceptionally slender but extremely great loadbearing properties. The range of design possibilities is great with respect to color, shape (round, rectangular, polygonal, etc.), and to surface-treatment properties (smooth, sandblasted, granulated, ground, etc.).

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Small-volume logistics

A small number of poles, delivered on time directly to the construction site? Play it safe: Europoles will reliably process and deliver even small orders. You don't have to keep your own stocks - which means that you remain flexible, save time and costs, and concentrate entirely on your core responsibilities. Our just-in-time delivery guarantees optimal procedures here.


Our warehouses assure short delivery paths and fast project execution. In our central warehouse in Neumarkt, Germany, we keep over 150 different pole types and pole accessories, many intended for specific countries. We plan our deliveries together with you, entirely in accordance with your requirements.


And when you're really in a hurry? Then we set up special deliveries directly to you for commonly used post-top lighting poles, with availability throughout Germany.

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