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Sign gantries

Sign gantries from Europoles: light, quickly assembled, and highly resistant to outside influences. They consists of two spun-concrete posts and one cross member. We have done the thinking for you: we assemble these gantries for you in our factory. We can then install the complete gantry very fast - a freeway, for example, will have to be closed for only ten to 15 minutes.

The spun-concrete process used to manufacture our sign gantries has two crucial advantages: first, low intrinsic weight of the prefabricated parts for simpler and cheaper transport. The great degree of concrete compression means that the interior of the structural members remains hollow. Second: a corrosion-resistant surface for long life cycles. The extremely dense surface means that frost and salt (used for thawing) cannot damage these structural members - as confirmed by the CDF Test for capillary suction of de-icing solutions and for freeze-thawing.


As a result of the use of special synthetic bearings, Europoles sign gantries demonstrate optimal vibration damping - which offers best protection for sensitive electronic equipment. This means that you minimize your maintenance expense and effectively control your life-cycle costs.

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Martin Moßburger
Martin Moßburger

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