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Catenary poles for mainline rail traffic

Europoles, together with Deutsche Bahn, has developed a modular catenary pole system: one especially designed for the requirements of high-speed train traffic, and for speeds up to 330 km.


These highly stable poles, made of pre-stressed spun concrete, are resistant to vibrations and the effects of weather - which enables their especially long service lives and minimization of preventive and corrective maintenance.


As a result of their slender design, these catenary poles save room and allow you individual design leeway. The foundation of these poles is provided by so-called outside ramming pipes. This technique is simple and cost-effective. It likewise enables fast installation of the poles.


With Europoles you go the safe route: we have more than 40 years of experience in the manufacture and engineering design of catenary poles. To optimally satisfy the country-specific regulations and specifications of you as our foreign customer, we additionally collaborate locally with competent partners.

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Tobias Fersch

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