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Glide Path Towers

For safe and precise landing approaches: towers from Europoles for the glidepath antennas operated by air-traffic control satisfy the strictest of safety standards. Their lightweight components of fiberglass-reinforced plastics do not interfere with the radio signals for all-weather approach systems. Pre-planned snap-off points assure a maximum of passive safety: if an aircraft collides with a mast, it snaps off without sparking.



For simple handling, we pre-assemble these towers in our plant. They can be assembled very quickly, without seriously hindering air traffic. Their hinged baseplates allow tilting the masts to the ground and erecting them again, without great effort - which means no problem for maintenance work on the antennas. During their entire life cycle, you can count on the reliability of FRP glidepath-antenna towers: they easily stand up to high wind loads and to the worst of weather conditions.


As one of few manufacturers, Europoles produces its glidepath-antenna towers in accordance with the strict regulations of the German Air-Traffic Control (DFS), the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

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