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Apron lighting

Optimal lighting conditions on airport aprons: floodlight masts by Europoles assure greater safety for passengers, cargo, and flight systems at terminals, taxiways, and in loading, maintenance, waiting, and safety zones - around the clock and under all weather conditions.


When individual lighting concepts are needed, we know practically no limits when it comes to dimensions, performance, and locations. According to requirements, we produce floodlight masts of steel and prestressed spun concrete, with variable mast details, for heights up to 60 m. From lowerable platform systems to tiltable masts - innovative product diversity and flexibility maximize your design leeway.


Precisely at international airports it is essential to keep hindrance of functions to a minimum. We control and implement all project steps for you, to assure smooth progress - including award of contracts to lighting designers and other sub-contractors. This reduces interfaces and assures prompt project execution. On the basis of our long years of experience, we select an economical foundation variant, depending on the subsoil, and assemble our systems, even under difficult conditions and on demanding sites. In addition, we upon request equip your floodlight masts with a lowerable system - which makes extensive interruption of operations unnecessary on the apron in case of maintenance. It also enables simple and cost-effective handling during normal airport operations.

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Jörg Jennewein

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