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Signal poles

Europoles manufactures signal and traffic-light poles made of steel and FRP in a great variety of models - entirely according to your individual requirements.


Europoles signal poles are optimally equipped for a long service life: thanks to GEA vibration attenuation, they offer outstanding dynamic properties. This protects the signal equipment inside the masts. Corrosion-resistant mast material provides protection from the outside. Chemicals occurring in the air, aggressive gases and liquids, as well as de-icing salt are no longer a danger. With our signal and traffic-light poles, you avoid effort and expense and save costs in care and maintenance.


For satisfying strictest demands placed on passive safety in motor-vehicle traffic, count on our signal masts made of fiberglass- reinforced plastics. In the event of a collision, they break off. In combination with their low intrinsic weight, this appreciably reduces the danger of injury for motorists. And electrical safety? Thanks to complete insulation, owing to the properties of the materials used, FRP masts satisfy the special requirements in the area of electric-traction overhead contact lines.