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Even under conditions of extreme wind loads, ultraviolet exposure, weather influence, and corrosion: flagpoles made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic guarantee long service lives and satisfaction in the product. This success is the result of great dynamic and mechanical strength, as well as smooth surfaces that are resistant to scratching.


A hoisting mechanism inside the poles protects your investment from flag theft and pole vandalism. As alternative, an exterior hoisting mechanism enables simple hoisting of your flags and tightening of the rope. A bracket mount for the flag turns 360 ° with the wind direction and prevents the flag from wrapping around the pole. This means that your flag will remain easily visible even without a breeze. As an option, we can also equip your flagpole with a hoistable bracket mount, for simple and fast exchange of the flags.


Make your own choice as to how your flagpole facility will look: various lengths, colors, and models are available - as well as a selection of accessories. All Europoles flagpoles are electrically nonconductive and difficult to ignite. Thanks to their low intrinsic weight, they are cheap to transport and simple to install, even at locations with difficult access.

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Rosa Nisslbeck, glass-fibre reinforced plastic flagpoles

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