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Lowerable lighting systems

Easily reachable, simple to service, and operationally reliable on a continuous basis: masts and sign gantries with the innovative Nivatec Europoles lowerable system have gained recognition throughout the world. For preventive and corrective maintenance, the luminaires, cameras and signs on these facilities are simply lowered to the ground. Thanks to this quick and safe procedure, carried on during system operation, you save appreciable time and expenses - and invest in the safety of your staff.

NivaLift - Demo

NivaLift for masts

Simply lower luminaires and cameras from the top of the mast to the ground - with the NivaLift lowerable system, you service your mast equipment conveniently, cost-effectively, and safely. Climbers, cherry pickers, and other special equipment are now a thing of the past. Only one person is now needed to perform the work from the ground - without any need to block off access. The triple-safety system implemented in the NivaLift guarantees a maximum of safety in this work. NivaLift lowerable systems are available in various alternative models, with load-supporting capacity ranging from 120 kg to 3.5 metric tons.

NivaLift benefits

  • No tipping or climbing of the poles necessary
  • No need for cherry pickers or mobile cranes
  • No shutdowns necessary during maintenance work
  • Short down times – operations continue without restriction
  • Cantilever possible on one side without counterweight – also lowerable during windy conditions
  • Great design freedom for floodlight or camera mounts
  • Very simply operated by one person
  • Power supply via plug contacts – no cables carried along
  • Simple installation of additional equipment: e.g., cameras, airport obstacle lighting, WiFi, graphic boards

NivaClimber for sign gantries

Safe and efficient maintenance: with the Nivaclimber, you can conveniently lower sign gantries and similar facilities. There is no need for cherry-pickers, risky climbing, or expensive closing of highways and freeways. Traffic continues to flow during maintenance work: safely and without restriction.


The NivaClimber saves your resources in service of sign gantries. Fewer staff, shorter maintenance times, and more efficient working procedures - a sophisticated solution for motor-vehicle traffic: one which can be retrofitted virtually everywhere. In every respect, you play it safe with this quality system: Made in Switzerland.

Europoles: innovator and technology leader

Put your trust in two decades of innovation and the experience of professionals: maintenance-friendly Nivatec lowerable systems from Europoles combine Swiss precision mechanics with mast technology made in Germany. Successfully proven throughout the world.

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