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Advertising masts and towers

Rise above your surroundings. Attract all attention to your company. Enhance the frequency of shoppers in your business and increase your sales. On freeways, highways, and in the middle of the city: advertising masts and towers by Europoles determine your image and produce enormous recall values among passers-by. To ensure that your advertising media pay off as long as possible, you can count on our spun-concrete masts and towers. They guarantee maximum supporting capacity with minimal footprints. With their non-porous surfaces - resistant to scratching and impacts - they require little maintenance and have especially long service lives: also under extreme environmental conditions. This means you keep life-cycle costs under control.


We meet your specifications: for masts with one, two, or three legs; for colored or LED-accented masts; for various shapes and illumination of the advertising platforms; and for provision of several platforms. In addition, we coordinate all project steps for you, up to turnover of your advertising tower: beginning with location search and including building permission, planning, structural engineering, and foundation design - and extending to assembly and installation. We accordingly provide you with comprehensive consulting and supply you on a one-stop basis as leading manufacturer.


Many freeway rest stops, shopping centers, and furniture showrooms have already placed their trust in our impressive advertising-mast structures on slender columns. We have a far-reaching solution for your own advertising message as well.

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Jörg Jennewein
Jörg Jennewein

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