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Bird protection

The bird-protection features produced by Europoles, based on glass-fibre reinforced plastic, are used for overhead-transmission line support masts that support post-type outdoor insulators. The bird-protection features are achieved by insulation of the dangerous components: a solution that has been proven extensively effective for wide-span systems and systems that replace original wooden poles.


FRP bird-protection components are manufactured in proven manual-lamination processes, and consist of fiberglass complexes and polyester resins. The production technique enables complete coverage and insulation of the traversal support, which guarantees maximum safety for birds. These FRP bird-protection components are likewise highly effective owing to their maximum of dielectric breakdown strength, which is verified in testing according to VDE 0303, Part 21. An additional topcoat affords a maximum of ultraviolet stability and optimal protection from further harmful influences.


The materials used here are corrosion- and fire-resistant. Unlike bird-protection features with covering hoods, no additional maintenance is necessary. Preventive or corrective maintenance is also not required. Development of the Europoles FRP bird-protection system took place in coordination with the German Society for Protection of Nature (NABU).

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