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Small wind facilities

For the installation of small wind facilities, Europoles offers mast systems made of spun concrete and steel. Even under conditions of great wind loads, our masts undergo only slight pole deflection and assure low costs for preventive and corrective maintenance.

We also install mast systems made of fibre-glass reinforced plastics (FRP) for wind facilities that serve meteorological purposes and that are in service at airports. If requested, these systems can be equipped with a foot that enables tipping the pole down to the ground – which considerably simplifies maintenance of wind facilities.

Poles made of spun concrete and solid steel are particularly effectively suited for small wind facilities with output up to 1.5 MW. As early as the dimensioning stage, Europoles places special emphasis on the attenuation of any vibrations that could occur. As a result, these wind facilities have long life cycles and save money over the long run.

Europoles is ready to serve you with its comprehensive expertise and provides consulting for you on an interdisciplinary basis. We find the individually optimal solution for you, in accordance with your application area, wind loads, required systems height, and necessary accessories.

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