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Steel power-transmission poles for high voltage

Overhead power-transmission lines with folded-steel polygonal poles have proved highly attractive owing to their great capacity for carrying torsional loads - which guarantees top operational reliability. Europoles power-transmission poles are designed in accordance with EN 50341 (VDE 0210), which means full conformity with international standards.


These transmission poles can also be installed at critical locations such as near shorelines and on steep slopes. The poles and the traversal supports are designed for up to 500 m spans between poles. As a result of the many and various possibilities of surface treatment, and owing to their slender form, these transmission poles are inconspicuous: they harmonically blend in with their surroundings. As a result, you enjoy maximum flexibility in site planning.


From pole foundations to traversal supports, we offer you everything on a one-stop basis. With folded-steel polygonal poles from Europoles, you play it safe:  beginning with your decision for a pole solution, including implementation of the project, and extending to operation of the pole system.

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