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Steel overhead transmission poles for medium voltage

Europoles folded-steel polygonal poles have long proved highly convincing as a result of their great capacity to support torsional loads - which guarantees you top operational reliability.


These overhead-transmission poles are made of octagonal, high-strength conical steel. This assures that they are elastic and that they will remain permanently able to support their full loads. In order to guarantee optimal corrosion protection, these folded-steel polygonal poles are hot-dip galvanized inside and out. In addition to their long life cycles, Europoles overhead transmission poles offer a great variety of possibilities for surface coating - which ensures that they also harmoniously fit into their environment.


These overhead-transmission poles are designed in accordance with EN 50423 (VDE0210), which means that they satisfy international standards. Our transmission poles are effectively suited for overhead power lines in all kinds of terrain. We have implemented a wide variety of pole solutions under greatly varying geographical and climatic conditions around the world.


"Made by Europoles" is your quality guarantee. You indeed play it safe with Europoles folded-steel polygonal poles.

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