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Concrete overhead transmission poles for medium voltage

With the most advanced in prestressing and spun-concrete technology, Europoles has re-defined overhead-transmission poles made of concrete. Thanks to the highly dense and pore-free surface of spun concrete, concrete transmission poles have demonstrated pronounced resistance to aggressive environmental influences.


Our overhead-transmission poles in Oman offer convincing proof: concrete poles from Europoles effectively resist the most extreme of weather conditions, including temperatures up to 60 °C, sandstorms, and fire. Whether in shoreline zones, on steep slopes, or in the desert: Europoles overhead-transmission poles perform effective service, even under critical conditions of use. As our customer, you enjoy additional flexibility and reliability as a result.


The hollow pole cross-section additionally enables the installation of sensitive infrastructure equipment in the interior of the poles. This possibility effectively prevents damage, theft, and the resulting interruption of service.


Your maintenance expenses are reduced to a minimum, since there is no need for painting or other protective measures. This means that you secure the value of your networks over the long run. You can depend for many years on spun-concrete poles from Europoles: they will fully serve your needs for at least 80 years.

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