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Inspection and maintenance

Regular inspection and maintenance of your facilities can significantly extend their life and utilization cycle. Europoles specializes in the inspection and maintenance of poles, masts, and towers of all kinds. If you are keen on minimizing life-cycle costs, then our team of service technicians is at your service. Thanks to our long years of experience, we offer the reliability that you expect and require.


Preventive and corrective maintenance

  • Concrete inspection

  • Steel inspection

  • Structural inspection

  • Maintenance:

    Cleaning of the pole shaft

    Cleaning of the pole shaft

    Pole ventilation

  • Civil-engineering inspection and maintenance of the infrastructure systems:

    Lightning protection


    Inspection of electrical facilities and equipment as per German specifications in VBG4

    Assurance of observance of all standards and regulations



  • Foundation restoration work

  • Corrosion-protection work on steel and concrete structures

  • Exchange of poles

  • Restoration of concrete, and exchange of concrete

  • Restoration of pole joints

  • Restoration of lattice masts

  • Restoration of overhead power transmission lines

  • Reinforcement of poles and masts

  • Application of coating systems


Disassembly and reconstruction


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Reinhard Sammüller
Reinhard Sammüller