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Europoles - Quality and environment policy

In close co-operation with our customers, we strive constantly to develop our products and services and to find the best solution for each and every customer at the expected quality.

In so doing we are aware of the environmental impacts of our business activities. We consider the complete life-cycle of our products, taking into account customer benefit, avoidance of unnecessary environmental impacts, protection of resources and reduction in emissions.

Long-lasting product use, achieved through high quality with low maintenance costs, protects the environment long after production in the most sustainable way.
We continually review our processes, develop new objectives and implement possible improvements with the direct involvement of our personnel.

For a sustainable business, all employees must prevent the creation of harmful impacts on the environment in the performance of their duties through preventive measures.

Statutory requirements and other legal obligations are met.

Occupational health and safety is of major priority in our company and is firmly embedded in all processes.

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