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Our plant in Mollis - typical Swissness

Intelligent development combines with production competence on a high level and with interdisciplinary experience gained over long years. The result is the ability to process a variety of high-quality materials to produce a portfolio of superior products. Welcome to our factory in Mollis. Europoles is the world's leader in the technology of lowerable lighting and camera systems - innovations from which you can profit in the form of tailored, high-tech products that satisfy the individual requirements of the sector.


Smart Engineering

Work here is performed exclusively by highly trained staff - and ongoing investment assures the development of their knowledge. Only superior material quality is employed here, which is processed with highly exact repeatability. Nivatec products are characterized by top precision and processing quality: which means that they are proven for reliability, safety, and long service life.



Feldbach 10
8753 Mollis


+41 55 618 80 20