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Our FRP factory in Neumarkt - top optical technology and precision

For decades now, our plant in Neumarkt has produced poles and masts made of fiberglass-reinforced plastics.


The technology involved in centrifuging fiberglass-reinforced plastics achieves great strength levels, with smooth and pore-free surfaces and uniform structure. This technology enables observance of extremely strict specifications placed on frangibility. An especially developed water-beam cutting system quickly produces highly precise door openings, cable slots, and drilled holes.


The high-quality and light products from our FRP plant in Neumarkt are also delivered cost-effectively to far-distant installation sites. Successful projects in Alaska and on the island of Guam in the western Pacific demonstrate that FRP products are absolutely reliable even under extreme climate conditions.



Sulzbürger Straße 8

92318 Neumarkt



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