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Our concrete-pole plant in Neumarkt, Germany - Enthusiastic people, exciting technology

The Europoles concrete-pole plant in Neumarkt, Germany, is based on sophisticated spun-concrete technology. The products manufactured there are on the cutting edge of technology and assure top quality. Highly qualified and motivated staff ensure further innovation and ongoing development with their ideas.


Poles and columns made of spun concrete have long life cycles and demonstrate an outstanding ecobalance. This assures planning confidence - as well as the satisfying feeling of having invested in an environmentally benign high-class produce. This protects investments over the long run.


The Europoles concrete-pole plant in Neumarkt offers fast and flexible production as well as on-time delivery, made possible by large stocks of raw materials and major warehousing capacity.

Concrete Pole Plant Neumarkt

Ingolstädter Straße 51

92318 Neumarkt



+49 9181 896-0