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Outstanding quality

Masts made of zinc-plated steel are highly resistant to corrosion, vandalism and dirt. They are also very stable in view of their low vibration levels. This makes them extremely long-lasting and reduces the cost of maintenance, as they will not need to be renovated for a good while.


Attractive design

The form of steel masts can be adapted to individual preferences. They can easily be provided with additional supports or beams. The extreme regularity of wall thickness ensures that mast attachments will be an exact fit, so no additional costs for remedial work will be required. The wide selection of surface colors and patterns ensures that the mast will blend harmoniously with practically any surroundings. Transparent anti-poster and anti-graffiti coatings guarantee (even when subsequently applied) that the masts will retain their attractive visual appearance for a long time. No costs will be incurred for the removal of posters or graffiti defacement.


Efficient use of resources

Steel masts can be transported without any additional protection. As a result you can dispense with packaging materials, raising the effective load volume and so saving freight costs.


Technical specifications

  • Conforms to DIN EN 40-4 with CE labeling.

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