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Fiberglass- reinforced plastics


Outstanding quality

FRP masts stand for maximum passive safety in accordance with frangibility requirements. The material breaks on impact, making it a supremely safe option from the point of view of road users and others. Notwithstanding this lifesaving feature, FRP masts are stable and require little maintenance. They are also highly resistant to vandalism, weather influences and corrosion. They are non-inflammable, fully insulated and non-conductive, so that they measure up to the highest safety standards even in lightning storms. With the high level of dynamic and mechanical stability they provide, they are well equipped to deal with stress caused by high winds. Their low vibration level means that lamps and fittings can be expected to last longer. Transport and installation costs are also modest, in view of their low intrinsic weight. Europoles can look back on 35 years of experience in the production of FRP masts.


Appealing design

UV-resistant colors, coupled with extremely smooth non-scratch surfaces, mean that FRP masts will retain an attractive visual appearance for as long as 25 years. Any RAL color shade may be chosen, and the mast surfaces are completely smooth, scratch-resistant, seamless and homogenous. Any mechanical damage to the surface can easily be rectified. Masts can be installed either by embedding them in the ground or by screwing them onto a base plate.


Ecologically convincing

FRP masts are made from environmentally friendly materials with comparatively low energy costs. This gives them an excellent ecobalance.


Technical specifications

  • Certified to DIN ISO 9001: 2008 standards
  • Certified to DIN ISO 14001: 2004 standards
  • Authorized by Deutsche Bahn [German Rail] as a Q1 Supplier
  • Conforms to DIN EN 40-7 with CE labeling.

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