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Success stories

Ruth Burnickl

Due to the dual vocational training program in office administration I had undertaken, I had already worked at Europoles and I liked the company a lot. After completing upper vocational school and gaining my bachelor’s degree in business administration, I was given the opportunity to join Europoles again as a graduate trainee in September 2014. I immediately took up the offer. Initially I spent seven months providing support to the Controlling Team. Afterwards I was given the chance to spend four months at our French subsidiary in Lille, where I got to know the country, the people and the working environment.


These experiences and the connections I made with our colleagues in Lille were not just great for my personal development. They also stood me in good stead afterwards in the export department of the Lighting Division, because I was able to use my English, French and Spanish every day, which I really enjoyed. I am delighted that my new colleagues in the Lighting Division have now decided to keep me on in the central planning department. Since January 2016 I have been assisting the team with internal orders and warehouse replenishments etc. I am very happy in my current role which will soon be made permanent.

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Manuel Grad

Challenging projects and tasks, trust and support from Superiors combined with a large freedom in the daily work - which is why I enjoy it so much at Europoles!

Within the framework of the collaborative training at Europoles, I was already allowed to collect first experiences in IT. Afterwards, I was hired as an IT system administrator from August 2009 to March 2013. During this time, I have collected many new impressions, I have improved my skills and managed projects independently.

After a trainee ship, that I completed in the summer of 2013 in the United States due to my correspondence course, I was offered the possibility in October to assume the IT infrastructure at Europoles as a team leader. Now I can combine my gained experience abroad with the daily work.

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Sabine Setzer

On leaving school with my tertiary entrance qualification in 1999, I immediately joined Europoles to train in business management at the Administration and Business Academy (VWA). In the summer of 2002 I became part of the Logistics Department in the Lighting Division. In 2007 I was offered a position as head of the Logistics department. After two exciting years and the birth of my first child, I took a year’s parental leave. Following a four-month stint working part-time in Export Sales and the birth of my second child, I took another parenting break from January 2011 until April 2012, after which I was employed in Logistics and Export Sales.


Since September 2013 I have been manager of the Logistics department on a part-time basis. In addition, my two children attend the Europoles vacation care facility in August, so that I can continue to work while they are well looked after. Thanks to the support and flexibility of Europoles I have been able to take on this kind of position in a part-time capacity, for which I am very grateful.


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Dennis Meier

I attended the Trainee Information Day at Europoles and was totally impressed! So I applied right away and was able to start my training as an industrial technician in September 2009. During my time as a trainee I was already given the opportunity to work on a lot of things independently.


For example, I played a major role in organising the Trainee Information Day in 2013 and the Training Fair at the Neumarkt Vocational Training School. Since January 2014 I have been helping other trainees to prepare for their intermediate examination. I really enjoy working at Europoles. There is a lot of variety in the work and I am able to work independently and contribute my own ideas. The interaction with the trainers is also excellent.




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Stephanie Eberhardt

I have worked for Europoles since 2004. After obtaining my degree in International Business Studies, as part of a three-year dual program supported by the company, Europoles offered me a transfer to France. There I actively supported our colleagues at our subsidiary in Lille in setting up their Sales Department for work on the demanding lighting market.


After two very valuable and exciting years in France, I have now worked as International Area Sales Manager for Europoles in Germany in their Steel Light Pole Department since early 2010. In this position I have had the opportunity to optimally apply my linguistic and intercultural skills in support of my international customers.

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Jürgen Strobl

Possibilities of personal development, paired with demanding assignments: you can find this combination in many places at Europoles. The work in this pleasant and interesting environment of a growing company makes Europoles an attractive employer for me - even after working here for a long time.


I have been in the company since 1990. I began by qualifying as an Industrial Business Assistant. In 2004 I was assigned as Material Purchasing Manager and was granted commercial power of attorney and later, collective of attorney. Currently I’m responsible for material purchasing and indirect purchasing.

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Michael Polster

I have been employed at Europoles since my training as an industrial mechanic. After completing the apprenticeship in the year 2000, I started my employment in the FRP pole factory of the company. After a short familiarization, I have been appointed plant manager FRP-poles. Europoles has always supported me, for example during my participation on the in-service training as a foreman or during my training for the technical business administration. Since 2012, I have been leading this area.
So far, I have gained many positive experiences at Europoles. Responsibility was given to me early, in which my colleagues and Superiors have always encouraged me. Even after a long seniority, there still are always new challenges and exciting projects.

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