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Our values

Commitment to performance
We align our thinking and our actions to our customers needs.
We set ourselves ambitious goals and pursue them consistently.
We strive for continuous improvement and embrace innovation.
We are results-driven and passionate about what we do.


Openness and honesty
We communicate openly and directly.
We decide and act transparently and comprehensibly.
We stand by what we say.
We comply with laws and regulations.


Responsibility and trust
We take responsibility for our actions.
We deliberately transfer freedom of action and decision-making.
We collaborate trustfully and keep to our commitments.
We treat confidential information discreetly.


We treat each other with mutual appreciation.
We maintain a respectful relationship with our business partners.
We tolerate mistakes and are open to constructive criticism.
We respect and appreciate other cultures, people and opinions.


Team spirit and satisfaction
We subordinate our personal goals to the overall success of the company.
We mutually support each other and use experiences across divisions and disciplines.
We share our successes and celebrate together.
We offer a motivating work environment and integrate new colleagues.


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