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Principles of Leadership & Cooperation

Goals provide focus for our action
We agree on clearly formulated, measurable, realistic and motivating goals.
We jointly define overarching objectives and the strategy to achieve them.
We derive targets for specific areas and employees from our corporate goals.
We review goals regularly for relevance, plausibility and degree of fulfillment.

Innovation is the cornerstone of our future
We constantly improve customer benefits and our competitiveness  by using new technologies.
We question the status quo, encourage lateral thinking and take different perspectives.
We create space for creativity and new ideas.
We encourage courage to change and learn from mistakes.


Continuous improvement of efficiency ensures our existence in competition
We focus on attractive market segments with good chances of success.
We prioritise our tasks, are always well prepared and work in a structured manner.
We continuously optimise our processes and act cost-consciously.
We proactively identify necessary changes and implement them sustainably.

We care about employee development
We delegate challenging tasks to our employees in line with their capabilities and needs.
We encourage personal responsibility and continuous professional development of our employees.
We provide and seek feedback, and regularly conduct structured staff meetings.
We acknowledge the contributions of others and appreciate their performance.


Teamwork and communication are the basis of our success
We clearly define roles and responsibilities.
We discuss objectively, approach conflicts constructively and develop solutions jointly.
We make informed decisions and carry them together.
We inform affected employees and colleagues in a timely and understandable manner.


We live our corporate values
We abide by our jointly developed corporate values.
We act internally and externally according to our role model function.
We always take time for our employees and are open to their concerns.
We actively address violations of our values and principles.


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