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Installation and infrastructure services

Whether on steep slopes or in confined space, with delivery by helicopter or 300-ton mobile cranes - for turnkey project completion, we resort to long years of experience in installation work. For us, almost any mast or pole site is feasible.


We guarantee in-time execution of all work - including loading of the goods, transport, assembly and installation of the poles, and up to successful technical acceptance by the civil-engineering authorities. Our experienced project managers maintain the overview, coordinate the deadlines, and serve as the competent contact partners during the entire project phase.


Pole assembly and installation

  • Assignment of our own, experienced assembly and installation teams for fast and smooth execution

  • Systems engineering

  • Electrical and lighting-protection work

  • Time-schedule coordination and supervision of the construction site

  • Acceptance of the project by the responsible civil-engineering authorities

  • Corrective maintenance for the security systems


Overview of foundation engineering and variations



Conversion and retrofitting work

  • Retrofitting of steel structural parts
  • Retrofitting of connections
  • Fitting of bird-protection features
  • Fitting of additional traversal supports

  • Exchange of damaged poles and masts


Expansion of existing facilities

  • Reinforcement of pole systems: e.g., by cross-sectional strengthening, supplementary concreting, installation of guy cables, other supports, or installation of enclosures


Autonomous power supply

Power for telecommunications facilities, for illumination of entire streets, for terrain with difficult access, or in regions far from mains power supplies: Europoles has developed a system that is totally independent of external power networks and that generates environmentally friendly energy.


The system generates power from wind and solar energy by means of fuel cells - completely unconnected to existing power mains and, as a result, independent of power-price developments. This means that you are flexible in your utilization of resources, and that you can plan confidently. Our highly advanced technologies guarantee you that your power will not stop flowing. Remote monitoring of the system additionally offers you reliability and convenience.


The use of alternative energy sources protects the environment. You also profit in this way from image enhancement. Do you as well want to power your facilities in the future with environmentally friendly and autonomous energy? Then place your trust in the expertise of Europoles, the European market leader.



Your poles, in the versions you specify, directly to your warehouse or to your construction site: you can take this for granted when you deal with us, as your service-oriented market leader. We guarantee reliable delivery of our products. As a rule, we deliver relatively small poles (for example, light poles) by trucks equipped with a crane. Our driver simply unloads the poles without difficulty. You remain flexible and save time and costs.


Your contact person

Reinhard Sammüller
Reinhard Sammüller