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Radiotelephone infrastructure is necessary throughout particular countries to equip line sections and shunting-radio areas with telecommunications technology. The GSM-R radiotelephone system by Europoles offers the optimal solution here, in accordance with GSM radio standards. The abbreviation GSM-R stands for Global System for Mobile Communications - Rail(way). This application is especially coordinated for rolling stock.


The portfolio of services from Europoles includes mast installation and ground work, including foundations and associated systems technology. We also perform conversion measures on existing transmitting systems. Additionally, we offer you services such as grounding, lighting protection, and equipotential bonding.


Staring with assembly and installation of the base station, up to integration of radio users by special telephony into the GSM-R radio network: we support you throughout the entire execution of your project. Our comprehensive expertise provides you with planning and investment security.

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Christian Altmann

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