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Blend-in-Solution / camouflage masts

In midtown areas, leisure parks, and nature preserves: even such sensitive areas can without difficulty be provided with cell-phone masts. Europoles Blend-in-Solutions (camouflage masts) are available in virtually any desired optical version and integrate perfectly into their surroundings: which enhances their acceptance among the public and government authorities.


Form follows function: thanks to small diameters and matching coloration, Blend-in-Solutions (camouflage masts) blend in optimally with their surroundings. For example: our tree mast made of spun concrete can hardly be differentiated from natural trees, with respect to bark structure, color shading, and artificial crown. Sector and point-to-point antennas can be concealed with branches and greenery.


Blend-in-Solutions (camouflage masts) from Europoles are as diverse as they are capable of individual design - down to the last exact detail, so that the human eye cannot tell the difference.


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Christian Altmann

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