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Architecture in masts and towers

Standing still means falling behind: which is why we continuously look for improvements and develop new, innovative, and individual solutions. Camouflage masts, tasteful wooden cladding, tripod structures, hybrid models, and elliptical platforms: our mobile-phone masts, with their multifunctional design, allow you almost unlimited design leeway. Cost savings result from exploiting the multifunctional use of a mast: for example, by the simultaneous use of an antenna mast for advertising or floodlighting purposes.

LED lighting strips

Rise above your surroundings. Show your location. Communicate your name. At the freeway, highway, or mid-town: advertising masts and towers establish your image and achieve tremendous recall values among passers-by.


But it's not only dimensions and height that draw attention to your location. Integrated LED lighting strips enable you to give out conspicuous signals after dark and to make your logo visible for miles around.


Europoles provides acrylic LED strips in the colors designed by you. You have the choice among static (on or off), blinking (on, off, on, off), or dynamic (bright, darker, multicolored) illumination.

Camouflage masts

In midtown areas, leisure parks, and nature preserves: even such sensitive areas can without difficulty be provided with cell-phone masts. Europoles camouflage masts are available in virtually any desired optical version and integrate perfectly into their surroundings: which enhances their acceptance among the public and government authorities.


Form follows function: thanks to small diameters and matching coloration, camouflage masts blend in optimally with their surroundings. For example: our tree mast made of spun concrete can hardly be differentiated from natural trees, with respect to bark structure, color shading, and artificial crown. Sector and point-to-point antennas can be concealed with branches and greenery.


Camouflage masts from Europoles are as diverse as they are capable of individual design - down to the last exact detail, so that the human eye cannot tell the difference.

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