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Spun concrete columns

  • Spun concrete columns

Columns made of spun concrete play a key role in determining the character of a building and are an established element of modern architecture. Enormous supporting lengths, with slender cross-sections at the same time, convey the impression of transparency and lightness.


Thanks to spun-concrete technology, it is possible to design space so as to be flexible and multifunctional. The intensive compaction of the centrifuge process allows the columns to support immense loads. No other column can be employed so flexibly and can afford you so much architectural freedom.


Better than cood: C140 Diamond columns


Small diameters, specific cross-sections and custom surfaces whilst maintaining high load-bearing capacity. High performance concrete columns mean that atriums flooded with light, vast indoor spaces and imposing facades can become a reality.


The outstanding properties of C140 Diamond columns:


 Able to bear heavy loads

 Fair-faced concrete quality

 Fire-resistant to F120


 Slimline structure